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The Real Estate Radio Network® is a nationwide alliance of real estate related professionals with a common objective: delivering the timely truth about local Real Estate Markets over local radio stations.

The Real Estate Radio Network brings hard-working and ethical professionals in a community together.  We provide the media and forum necessary for Consumers to learn the truth about important aspects of their financial life, which is mostly centered around their biggest investment, the home they live in.  The Real Estate Radio Network® brings each radio program to the audience with a “live and local” show hosted by well-respected members in the local Real Estate and Financial community.


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October 23,2016

  Real Estate Radio Atlanta is pleased to welcome Top Agents Carisa Migliore with Atlanta Residential Brokerage, Expert Contributor and Top Home Inspector Bob McDonough of National Property Inspections , and Top Loan Originator Amy Wilemon with Silverton Mortgage. Carisa will tell listeners what costs to expect when purchasing a home. Bob will inform listeners on how to prepare your home for inspection.  Amy helps us understand when to contact a lender in the home buying process. Carisa Migliore Atlanta Residential Brokerage 678-665-2709 Bob McDonough National Property Inspections 770-656-2209 Amy Wilemon Silverton Mortgage Specialists 404-601-4177...

October 16, 2016

  Real Estate Radio Atlanta is pleased to welcome Expert Contributor and Top Agent Angie Chavez of the Think Melissa Team and Associates with Atlanta Communities. Expert Contributor Pete Wilder of Hill, Wilder and Associates, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc, and Top Loan Originator Amy Wilemon with Silverton Mortgage.   Check out Real Estate Radio Atlanta this Sunday at Noon on News Radio 106.7 FM. Angie will be discussing the differences between a seller purchasing an appraisal (independent appraisal) and a buyer’s lender ordering one.  The topic of when an appraisal does not match the contract sales price and more will be addressed. Plus, there will be more information about our upcoming charity events (Military Toy Drive, etc.). Pete will talk about the expected costs...

October 9,2016

  Real Estate Radio Atlanta is pleased to welcome Expert Contributor and Top Agent Matt Hermes with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners, Expert Contributor Karen Brown Williams of Brown Williams PC , and Top Loan Originator Chuck Walden with Silverton Mortgage.   Matt will talk about the housing market in the Fall months . Karen will talk about how a family attorney can help with divorce matters when it comes to purchasing a home. Chuck will tell us how being prepared in this market is important to a buyer.   Matt Hermes Matt Hermes & Associates 678-775-2787 Email Karen Brown Williams Brown Williams PC 770-952-5000 Chuck Walden Silverton Mortgage Specialists 678-725-8076       Listen...

October 2, 2016

  Real Estate Radio Atlanta is pleased to welcome Expert Contributor and Top Agent Nikki Bonds of Bonds Realty Group with Keller Williams Realty – Atlanta Partners; Expert Contributor Mickey Spillane with Skyline Pest Solutions; and Top Loan Originator Chuck Walden with Silverton Mortgage. Nikki tells the importance of using a Buyer’s Agent. Mickey talks about the threat of Zika Virus and how to treat your yard to prevent mosquitoes. Chuck tells us about the advantage  of Silverton Secure.   Nikki Bonds Keller Williams Atlanta Partners 678-409-5346 Mickey Spillane Skyline Pest Solutions 770-872-4200 Email Chuck Walden Silverton Mortgage Specialists 678-725-8076   Listen to the...

September 25, 2016

  Real Estate Radio Atlanta is pleased to welcome Top Agent Carrie Qualters with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta North; Expert Contributor Troy Kossick with Arborguard Tree Specialists; and Top Loan Officer Reid Clark with Silverton Mortgage.   Carrie will talk about what buyers need to do to compete in the market. Troy informs us of how trees on the property can impact the value of a home. Reid will discuss the benefits of the origination process.   Carrie Qualters Carrie Qualters 404-334-3011 Troy Kossick Arborguard Tree Specialists 404-299-5555 Reid Clark Silverton Mortgage 770-298-3113 Email   Listen to the...

September 18, 2016

Real Estate Radio Atlanta is pleased to welcome Expert Contributor and Top Agent John Durham of The Durham Team with Keller Williams Realty, Expert Contributor Erin Digby of Insurance HUB, and Top Loan Originator Shandy King with Silverton Mortgage. John discusses the importance of customer service and customer feedback. Erin goes over Yearly Insurance Policy Reviews as well as Flood Insurance. Shandy discusses Silverton Secure and how it give First Time Homebuyers an edge.   John Durham Keller Williams Atlanta Partners 404-569-7573 Erin Digby & Lee LeBaigue Insurance Hub 877-341-5728 Shandy King Silverton Mortgage Specialists 678-578-4863     Listen to the...

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