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Jim Lloyd is a veteran of the insurance industry, and as a business owner, he understands the importance of having professional advice from reliable resources. Since starting the firm in 1985, he has made Lloyd Pro Group an industry leader in many areas. By constantly developing new business strategies as well as providing professional services, Jim has exceeded his goal of helping business owners manage risks, gain control of HR functions, and enjoy affordable benefits for themselves and their employees.

Lloyd Pro Group has five locations around Atlanta, 46 employees, and is the largest Nationwide Agency in Georgia.  Lloyd Pro Group manages approximately 15,000 Personal Lines Policies and 1,000 Commercial Policies.

For over twenty years Jim has served on several advisory councils for major insurance companies and has received many awards and accolades. Success for Jim stems from the success of each of member of the Lloyd Pro Group team. He is a true entrepreneur and a value to the Atlanta business community. His extensive knowledge and forward-thinking ideas are what make Lloyd Pro Group the very best in the industry.   Jim’s awards include:

• President’s Conference Hall of Fame with Nationwide Insurance
• Nationwide Insurance President’s Conference 23 years
• Nationwide Insurance Georgia Agency of the Year for past 17 years
• Twice named Nationwide Corporate Agency of the Year
• Nationwide All Star Team 2000 and 2005
• Champion Award
• MDRT, CLC, Auto Council, Commercial Council, and Life Council

Jim has a BS degree from Mississippi State University and is a member of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity.  He has been married to Cindy Pfimmer Lloyd for 30 years, and is the proud parent of 3 daughters: twins, Kelly and Lauren, and Jamie.

For more information about Jim and Lloyd Pro Group, please visit the Lloyd Pro Group website, follow them on Facebook, or call 770-497-1200.

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 Show Appearances:

November 16, 2013:  Jim explains how to find a good insurance agent, and why umbrella policies are important. Jim discusses bundled insurance policies and whether or not they really save consumers money.


August 24, 2013: Jim and Lee explain the liability coverage included with homeowners insurance, and the disparity that may arise between the sale price of a home and the recommended coverage level for homeowners insurance.




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