Mickey Spillane

Mickey Spillane

After owning/operating large scale units in the hospitality industry in Florida, Mickey Spillane and his family moved back to his home state of Georgia. Mickey was then introduced to the Pest Control Industry. From 2003 until July 2010, he operated as a termite inspector/sales associate. In July 2010, Mickey accepted a promotion to the position of Director of Sales. As a co-founder of Skyline Pest Solutions, he had already held the company close to his heart, and gladly accepted the responsibility. Since his promotion, Mickey has watched the company grow in ways not thought possible. The year over year percentages are phenomenal, even in one of the most challenging economic times in history. Mickey has proven to himself, his company, and his competitors that he have what it takes. Mickey’s goal is to propel Skyline Pest Solutions to sole recognition as the premier pest solutions provider in Georgia, and the Southeast.

For more information about Mickey Spillane and Skyline Pest Solutions, please visit the company website, call 770-844-6440, or email Mickey.

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Show Appearances:

February 14, 2016
December 27, 2015

October 18, 2015
July 26, 2015
May 17, 2015
March 1, 2015
June 14, 2014:

April 19, 2014: Mickey Spillane discusses some of the pest removal challenges faced by homeowners in Georgia, and outlines potential solutions.


March 29, 2014: Mickey Spillane introduces Skyline Pest Solutions, and discusses what pest control issues came up with Georgia’s unusually wet weather last summer. Mickey Spillane describes other pest control concerns in Georgia, from coyotes to mosquitoes and treatment options available.


December 28, 2013: Mickey Spillane describes the necessity of termite treatments in Georgia, different treatments available, the impact of weather on pest control treatments, and wildlife removal options.


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