March 2, 2013

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Real Estate Radio Atlanta is pleased to announce this week’s guests –  Lynn Horner Baker and Chase Horner from Horner Baker Partners, and Ian Falcone, of the Falcone Law Firm.

Lynn and Chase will share how buyers can compete with the amount of competition for houses that are on the market right now, how institutional investors are impacting our market and the options available for sellers who owe more than their house is worth.  They will also discuss how they use technology to help their clients and callers will have an opportunity to get a copy of Lynn’s book, “Expert Seller”.  Ian will answer your questions about bankruptcy and tell you how to protect your assets if you are having financial trouble.

Lynn Horner Baker
Horner Baker Partners
Chase Horner
Horner Baker Partners
Ian Falcone
The Falcone Law Firm





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