Susan Pryor

Susan Pryor

Susan has been involved in real estate since 2001 and now owns 10 rental properties and two office buildings. She moved into the mortgage industry shortly thereafter. Her core team has been with her the past six years and in
February she joined Silverton Mortgage as the branch manager. She hopes to take her career to the next level and to help listeners better achieve their dreams with her goals for the radio show.

“We envision gathering a whole community of people who both contribute to and benefit from their involvement in this show. Whether the involvement is by sending thoughts and information out through the airwaves, or by simply listening and learning, we are excited to be bringing people together toward the common goals of financial wisdom, prosperity, and home ownership. To be a part of a kind of “family” like that – a community – is very exciting to us.  We are committed to helping families achieve the dream of home ownership, which is one of the most significant milestones in American life. We are excited about igniting the spark of hope toward attaining that dream through educating people with our show and also to connect them with other professionals whose services they truly need. We all need the expertise and wisdom of trustworthy professionals in the realm of our finances – from our homes and their financing, to planning for the future, to being properly insured. We want to educate listeners and connect them to the people that they need. Those are goals that keep us excited and focused.”

-Susan Pryor, Branch Manager
Silverton Mortgage – 3855 Shallowford Rd, Ste 120, Marietta, GA 30062 

Susan Pryor NMLS 157369
Residential Mortgage Licensee GA 28766, FL LO9017, SC 157369, AL 52192, TN 106218
NMLS 109600, Equal Housing Opportunity Lender
Licensed Mortgage Lender: AL 20528, FL MLD353, GA 14123, NC L-111493, SC MLS-109600, TN 109243

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