August 3, 2013

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Real Estate Radio Atlanta is pleased to welcome Anita Reisinger and Stacy Gallagher from Lifetime Liquidations & Transitions.  They are joined by host David Perrie with Perrie & Associates, who is also contributing to this week’s discussion.

This week, Anita and Stacy discuss downsizing and assisting seniors find the right long term housing options.  They explain the transition process, from selling a home, liquidating furnishings, managing the move, and setting up a better size, safe home for seniors.     David Perrie discusses how an attorney can help with long term planning decisions, and the importance of estate planning.  David explains when and how family members can be involved in situations where seniors are reluctant to make changes, even if health and mental capacity necessitates change.

Anita Reisinger
Lifetime Liquidations & Transitions
Stacy Gallagher
Lifetime Liquidations & Transitions
David Perrie
Perrie & Associates, LLC


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