Gene Bramblett

Gene Bramblett

Gene Bramblett and his team bring a vast amount of experience in both the corporate and real estate worlds. They have been involved in sales, sales management, customer service, team building, quality processes, training and consulting, financial management, investment properties, property management and real estate transaction coordination. The Eagles Team will be your advocate in every transaction, whether they are representing you in selling your home or finding that “right” next home.

Their mission, vision, values and beliefs make them unique in the real estate business:

Our Mission: To provide world class consulting and services to our clients in the area of real estate investment and bring professionalism, quality and integrity to the real estate industry.

Our Vision: To become the real estate consultants of choice for discerning consumers by assisting them in all of their real estate investment needs and, thereby, having them become advocates in referring our services to others.

Our Values: Striving for balance in life between God, family and businessguides our day-to-day behavior and enables us to be a positive influence for others.

Our Beliefs (WI4C2TS): Win/Win, or no deal. Integrity, do the right thing. Commitment, in all things. Communication, seek first to understand. Creativity, ideas before results. Customers, always come first. Teamwork, Together Everyone Achieves More. Trust, starts with honesty. Success, results through people.

For more information about Gene Bramblett and the Five Star Investment Team, please visit the team website, call 678-861-4106, or send an email.

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