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John Hunt is the founder and president of ViaSearch, Inc., and a Senior Analyst with Smart Numbers, Inc. Since 1995, ViaSearch has surveyed over a quarter of a million home buyers from Seattle to Washington DC and points in between. ViaSearch is the only company in the nation providing continuous, on-going consumer research for the housing industry. This allows for both short and long range trending on new home buyer demographics/motivation, product preferences and shopping habits.

Smart Numbers provides residential real estate information, analysis and forecasting for brokers, builder/developers, and mortgage and banking professionals in six Southeastern markets. The data that Smart Numbers produces accurately predicted the housing downturn as early as September 2005, when letters went out to clients stating that a “Housing Downturn is Eminent!”

Smart Numbers was the only company to provide data to the Senate Banking Committee in October of 2009, helping Senator Johnny Isakson successfully extend the Home Buyer Tax Credit. Smart Numbers is regularly quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the AJC. The company has also been featured many times as an expert in housing on CNN, FOX and all 3 local Atlanta networks.

John has also co-produced the largest semi-annual event for the Atlanta Housing industry (The Atlanta Housing Summit) since 2006, with more than 500 leaders in Atlanta and national real estate in attendance.

After graduating from Samford University with a BA in Finance/Economics, John worked as a marketing executive in the Atlanta housing industry until starting ViaSearch in 1995. He has been with Smart Numbers since 2001.

For more information about John or ViaSearch, please visit the ViaSearch website, or call 770-419-9891.

Show appearances:

September 28, 2013: John Hunt describes the qualitative and quantitative services offered by ViaSeach and Smart Numbers.  John describes the current inventory in Atlanta, and explains how the lack of inventory is driving new construction, and helping raise home prices. John discusses the possibility of another housing bubble.


March 9, 2013: John Hunt discusses how the most recent economic downturn impacted the residential real estate market, the current state of the market, and gives insight into future trends in the Metro Atlanta housing market.

November 10, 2012:
Susan Pryor introduces John Hunt of ViaSearch and learns what services ViaSearch offers.
11-10-12 Segment 1

Susan Pryor continues her interview with John Hunt of ViaSearch to learn why there has never been a better time to buy a home.
11-10-12 Segment 2

David Perrie Interviews John Hunt, CEO of ViaSearch, about the current state of the Metro Atlanta housing market.
11-10-12 Segment 4


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