Karen Brown

Karen Brown

Karen Brown has worked in the insurance industry since 2007, in a variety of sales roles.  Prior to moving into the insurance industry, Karen worked as a realtor, and she continues to hold her license as a Referral Agent.  This experience has given Karen the skill to evaluate homes and ensure that each client’s home is has the correct coverage.  Her outgoing and friendly personality enhance her negotiating skills, and allow her to provide the superior level of personal service her clients have come to expect.

Karen’s areas of expertise include personal lines of insurance – Auto, Home and Personal Umbrella Insurance.

Karen is a resident of Fulton County, Georgia and has two grown children who live and work in the Northeast.

For more information about Karen and her insurance services, please visit the Lloyd Pro Group website, call 404-335-7021, or send her an email.

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Show Appearances:

July 26, 2014: Lee LeBaigue and Karen Brown with Lloyd Pro Group explain common incidents not covered by homeowners insurance, and outline how to best shop for homeowners policies.


June 28, 2014: Karen Brown and Lee LeBaigue introduce Lloyd Pro Group, and explain how homeowners go about getting an appropriate level of insurance for their home.


May 3, 2014 Karen Brown introduces Lloyd Pro Group, and explains how home maintenance and upkeep impact homeowners insurance rates.


February 8, 2014

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