Lee LeBaigue


Lloyd Pro Group started in 1985 and has been the top Nationwide Insurance agency in Georgia for over twenty years.  Lee has worked with Lloyd Pro Group for over two years and has been in the insurance industry for six.  He joined  Lloyd Pro Group as the Director of Marketing and quickly moved into management.  In addition to managing a team of insurance agents, he focuses on bringing new business to Lloyd Pro Group.  An entrepreneur at heart, Lee enjoys finding new ways to improve and expand Lloyd Pro Group’s services.   Lee is a strong believer in accountability and his team understands that they are, and will continue to be, the best insurance agency in the country.  Their services cover home, auto, renters, health, life, and business insurance.  Lee and his team pride themselves on strong alliances with real estate agents, loan officers and other local professionals.

Lee has two sons, ages four and seven, and another son due at the end of March.  He loves spending time with my family and encourages his children’s varied interests.   His oldest son is an aspiring geologist, leading Lee and his family to dig up rubies, emeralds and amethysts.  They have yet  to find any gold – but will keep looking!  Lee is also an avid art collector and a hobbyist art dealer.

For more information about Lee and the Lloyd Pro Group, visit the Lloyd Pro Group website, email, or call 877-341-5728.


Show Appearances:

September 13, 2015
May 31, 2015

July 26, 2014: Lee LeBaigue and Karen Brown with Lloyd Pro Group explain common incidents not covered by homeowners insurance, and outline how to best shop for homeowners policies.


August 24, 2013: Jim and Lee explain the liability coverage included with homeowners insurance, and the disparity that may arise between the sale price of a home and the recommended coverage level for homeowners insurance.


February 23, 2013: Lee LeBaigue and Matthew Haines of Lloyd Pro Group, a Nationwide carrier, will discuss the importance of doing an annual review of insurance coverage as part of an overall financial plan.

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