Len Hill

Len Hill

Len is native to the Atlanta area. He grew up in the Decatur and Stone Mountain areas, and graduated from Georgia State University Class of 85. Len moved to Loganville, GA in 1993 where he currently resides.

He joined Retirement Plan Design as a partner in 1997 working with seniors in insurance and retirement income solutions.

Len started recommending reverse mortgages as a way to supplement retirement plans in 2004 and entered the reverse mortgage business in 2007. Today, he exclusively markets reverse mortgages with the goal of trying to help as many senior homeowners see the advantages of using a reverse mortgage to help them age in place and supplement their retirement plans.

The reverse mortgage business has allowed him to be able to help over 200 senior homeowners fund their retirement years without having to sell their home or increase their monthly expenditures. Some have used the reverse mortgage to pay daily living expenses while others have used the money to travel and fund college educations for children and grandchildren. And many seniors have used the money to make repairs and modifications to the home in order to make it more accessible.

Len says this is one of the best financial products available to seniors today and I hope to continue working with this product for many years.

When he is not working Len enjoys fishing and spending time with family and friends. He and his daughter give back to the community by volunteering to prepare and serve meals at homeless shelters in Atlanta and Monroe, and working with special needs children.

1st Financial Reverse Mortgages

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