Leslie Brown



Leslie Brown, president and co-owner of Diva Roofing and Construction, is one of the dynamic Divas on the team.  A Georgia native, she is southern to the core where honesty and quality service are what drive her business practices. She is the wife of our vice president and a mother of a beautiful daughter. Leslie’s experience in construction began in 1998 and she has been involved in roofing since 2007.  She is a firm believer that whatever they can do, we can do better…even construction.

For more information about Leslie, or Diva Roofing and Construction, please visit the company website, email her, or call 770-845-4888.

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Show Appearances:

August 10, 2013:  Leslie and Christine explain what a reputable roofer does,  identify common problems that roofers can help fix and possible solutions to improve a home’s energy efficiency.



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