Margot Swann

Margot Swann is a leader in divorce education.  This recognition as an expert is the compilation of her own catastrophic experience coupled with 15 years of involvement with thousands of divorcing women and divorce professionals.

In 1992, after 20 years of marriage, most as a stay-at-home mom, Ms Swann faced an unexpected divorce from an attorney.  To help her navigate the unknowns of the divorce process, she gathered a support team of experts.  Her positive results astound the professionals.

In the support groups she attended during this process, Ms Swann observed women making huge mistakes.   Their subsequent increased agony and expense prompted her to share her experience with other women.

In 1998 she established Visions Anew, the Divorce Resource, a 501(c)3, nonprofit.  Margot Swann is committed to educating, supporting and connecting divorcing women with information, resources, and each other.

Since 1998 Ms Swann has been in news articles all over the nation, has hosted countless seminars, 45 Divorce Survival Weekends, directed 8 free, on-going Divorce Support Groups, broadcast a radio and video show, and is a columnist for several publications.  Visions Anew recently received The Organization of the Year Award from The Georgia Psychological Association.

Margot Swann, now a grandmother, resides in Atlanta with her husband of 13 years, Peter, where she continues to run Visions Anew, The Divorce Resource for Women.

For more information about Margot, or Visions Anew, please visit the Visions Anew website, or call 770-953-2882.


Show Appearances:

November 24, 2012: Margot Swann introduces the Visions Anew Institute and explains the importance of having the right experts – divorce attorneys, real estate and tax advisors, and financial planners – to help people going through divorce make the right decisions.


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