Stacy Gallagher

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Stacy has been a resident of Cobb County for over 16 years.  She started working with Lifetime Estate Liquidations and Transitions by doing estate sales, then got involved with the move management portion of the business.   When Lifetime helped her parents transition from North Carolina to Atlanta, Stacy saw the value in having a “One-stop downsizing resource” and joined Anita as a licensed Keller Williams agent.  She enjoys working with seniors and their families in making the downsizing transition as smooth as possible.   For more information about Stacy or Lifetime Estate Liquidations and Transitions, please visit her website, email her, or call 678-362-5385.



Show Appearances:

August 3, 2013: Anita Reisinger and Stacy Gallagher explain the transition process and what down-sizing often entails.  They outline the services available to help make the transition happen smoothly – from selling the family home, down to the little details, such as senior-safe floor plans and ensuring that someone with a failing  memory can locate all of their essential personal items.

RERA 8-3-13 Show Segments 1-3


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