Carrie Qualters


 While it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to buy and sell real estate, it certainly helps to have someone with a degree from Georgia Tech in mechanical engineering to stay ahead of the latest technology trends in the real estate field.

 Carrie Qualters, founder of The Red Door Atlanta Team of Keller Williams real estate professionals, designed jet fuel distribution systems and building mechanical systems for seven years before she decided to pursue a career that allowed her to be smart, creative, and fun without sacrificing her personal life.

 Since 2005, Carrie has used her knowledge, experience, and a unique perspective to drive the success of her team’s business, as well as to coach other real estate professionals to build successful teams, market their business, and maintain a well-rounded life. An avid reader and perpetual student, Carrie brings innovative solutions to the real estate industry, harnessing technology, market trends, negotiation skills, and a healthy dose of fun.

Show Appearcances :

September 25,2016

October 1, 2017