Davis Watkins


As the owner of AdvantaClean of Kennesaw, Davis has taken his vast experience in building systems and IAQ and has added his unique ability to educate his customers on creating and maintaining healthy indoor environments. Davis has a passion for his industry that is apparent the first time you meet him. What you may not expect is someone with his depth of knowledge who can translate it into layman’s terms. He feels his main calling today is educating industry partners and clients on how to calmly and effectively deal with mold,water losses and air duct cleanliness issues that affect their overall comfort and health everyday. As the local owner of an AdvantaClean Environmental office, he joins a vast network of AdvantaClean locations around the country. Founded in 1994, AdvantaClean is a premium service provider of environmental services to both residential and commercial customers.Their specialties are water remediation and structural drying (typically after an internal or external flood event), mold inspection and mold remediation and HVAC ductwork inspection and cleaning. AdvantaClean Environmental is a very high-touch provider who prides itself on offering the highest level of responsiveness and follow-up in the industry. All offices around the country are staffed by highly trained and certified owners and technicians who will do whatever it takes to make their customers delighted with their experience.

Davis enjoys the challenges he has found as a business owner, but has not changed in his approach. Believing that in knowledge lies power, he continues to educate everybody he deals with each day on how to create and maintain a healthy living environment. He especially enjoys working with Realtor partners to help them knowledgeably and effectively deal with any clients with mold issues. More importantly, he does so with compassion and a calm demeanor. In an industry full of junk-science and hype, AdvantaClean of Kennesaw is setting a new benchmark for environmental services professionals everywhere.

For more information about Davis and the services provided by AdvantaClean, please visit his website or call 877-800-2382.