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Ron Dimmock Senior Consultant

Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga.  Duron’s (Ron) role in today’s market is to seek new and seasoned investors who are looking to create wealth on a long term basis. While having the monthly luxury of cash flowing there Real Estate assets , to create extra income. In 2001 He showed interest in real estate and positioned him self as a street sweeper for a large well known builder While sweeping the streets of the community for free . He was able to learn the ups and downs of not only business in Real Estate but what it take to run a multi million dollar company on a day to day basis. Over the last 4 yrs Duron has managed, rehabbed and sold over 30 million dollars in Real Estate. He has partnered up with some of the largest builders and investors in Atlanta to form multiple joint ventures and opportunities.. He is also the founder of Real Estate I can. Affordable real estate coaching and mentoring for every day working individuals to learn basic wholesale / real estate. Duron has received numerous awards ranging from leading Real Estate sales rep 2006 to being a certified new home Specialist from Bob Schultz Personally. He has partnered up with numerous no profit organizations to teach real estate as a trade to young inner city youth.

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